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Vignette: Center Seat

Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II - Deutsch
Veröffentlicht von in New Voyages · 28 Juli 2009

Episode: Vignette
Title: "Center Seat"
Length: 0:05:46
Release date: 17.03.2006
Stardate: Unknown
Writer: Erik Korngold
Director: Erik Goodrich
German Subs: Stephan Mittelstrass

While Sulu was away at Command Training, Lt. Desalle has made himself comfortable with the responsiblity of running the Bridge of the Enterprise when Captain Kirk is off duty. Upon Sulu's return to Enterprise, he is dismayed to find Desalle in the Captain's chair hardly paying Sulu any mind. Once Sulu re-asserts himself as the XO on the bridge, he takes the Ship out for a shakedown based on his homework from Command Training ...

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