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New Voyages Forum is back online


Good news, the Star Trek New Voyages forum is now online!


The previous "New Voyages Forum" was the home for all discussions about Star Trek New Voyages for a long time. Unfortunately, due to technical problems and server outages, the old forum became more and more difficult to use and it was closed down. Discussions then moved to Facebook and Google+ instead.

A lot of fans have reported that they were missing the forum and many dislike using Facebook for a variety of reasons. With the new updated website, it is time to bring the forum back for all and it has been setup with the popular and stable vBulletin system and installed on the startreknewvoyages.de website which has been proven to be stable and reliable.

You will find it here: http://forums.startreknewvoyages.de/ or just click on the Forum menu above. The address is the same as that of the old forum, except for the “.de” instead of “.com” at the end.


If you are on Facebook, it is very easy to join as you just eed to click on Register and then on the “Connect to Facebook” button. After a few minor questions, you are in.


You can post videos, files, etc. to the new forum easily and new functionality will be added as needed.


The old posts have not been restored, so we are starting with a fresh new forum.

See you all online...

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