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FedCon 2014


FedCon 2014

Star Trek Phase II at FedCon 23 - Europe's largest Sci-Fi Convention.

Star Trek Phase II is now a regular feature at FedCon where it has gained an every increasing popularity. 3 of our 5 panels were played to a packed room with hardly a spare seat to be had.

This year, we were also able to present two panels from our sister production - Star Trek: Axanar - where the new trailer "Prelude to Axanar" had its world premiere to loud applause from the audience.

We had permission to video all these panels so you will be able to see them all right here on this page as they are released in the same order they took place.

Note: These videos can also be found on the startrekphase2DE YouTube channel, but due to rights issues, some of these videos may not be viewable in Germany. You will be able to view them on this page without such restrictions.

FedCon 2014.05.29 11:00 - FedCon Press Conference
00:00 Titles
00:14 Introduction by Brigitte Scheer - German
01:15 Start of Press Conference - German
01:20 Sponsors - German
01:59 Arrival of the stars - English
06:27 Press Conference - English
59:40 Photo session - English

The following guest stars attended the press conference (from left to right):
Nessi (MoC), Richard Arnold, David Gerrold, Garrett Wang, Nana Visitor, Nichelle Nichols, Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson, Suanne Braun, Natasha Henstridge, Bai Ling, Max Grodénchik, Barry Jenner and Larry Nemecke

More info about FedCon can be found at http://www.fedcon.de
FedCon 2014.05.29 16:00 - Star Trek Phase II Panel with David Gerrold, Alec Peters and Tobias Richter
FedCon 2014.05.30 17:00 - Star Trek Axanar Panel with David Gerrold, Alec Peters and Tobias Richter
FedCon 2014.05.30 18:30 - Star Trek Phase II Panel with David Gerrold
FedCon 2014.05.31 16:00 - Star Trek Axanar Panel with David Gerrold, Alec Peters and Tobias Richter
FedCon 2014.06.01 12:00 - Visual Effects of Star Trek Renegades/Phase II/Axanar with Tobias Richter
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